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Marijuana Crimes Attorney in Louisville

Is Marijuana (Weed) Legal in Kentucky?

Although it may not seem very serious, an arrest for a marijuana offense should be taken seriously. Marijuana is a controlled substance in the state of Kentucky, which means that there are no legal grounds to possess, sell, or manufacture it. Law enforcement are typically very strict about marijuana crimes, and they are prosecuted heavily on both a state and federal level.

If you have been arrested or are currently in legal trouble because of an alleged offense, you should hire a Louisville drug crime attorney right away. At The Simon Law Office, we have more than 40 years of experience representing individuals like yourself who have been accused of serious drug crimes.

Kentucky Marijuana Law Penalties

The punishment you receive for a conviction of a marijuana crime depends on the exact offense involved. For example, if you were charged with the possession of a small amount of marijuana, the potential penalty would be far less than if you are charged with the sale or manufacturing of marijuana.

There are also additional factors which could lead to more serious penalties, such as if the alleged crime was committed close to a school or while in possession of a firearm. A Louisville drug crime defense lawyer at our firm is here to protect your rights and your future.

A few of the most common drug offenses may include the following

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Our goal is to help you avoid any potential punishments, including a mark on your criminal record. At our firm, we take on an effective and ethical approach and are committed to achieving favorable results. We have earned a positive reputation in the community for our dedication to helping our clients time and time again.

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