Attorney Simon Represents "Misidentified Four" Resulting in $1.5 Million Settlement

Attorney Larry Simon was involved in representing a Louisville case involving four young men who were mistakenly arrested for assault. These men have been known as the “misidentified four” and were ultimately given a $1.5 million settlement in 2015. With the help of Attorney Simon and a few other attorneys, they were able to recover the financial compensation these four men truly deserved.

The men were arrested after being lined up on the sidewalk on suspicion of robbing a woman at gunpoint. For them, they believed it was a case of racial profiling, despite the fact that the mayor and the chief of police denied that this was the case. Attorney Larry Simon stated that "No statements were taken; our clients were not even questioned after they were arrested. There was no follow-up.”

Unfortunately, nothing can take back what happened to them, but with this financial settlement and an apology from the mayor, these men have been able to move forward. To learn more about this case that Attorney Simon had such a significant role in, take a look at the various news links below: